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Wall Measurements

We will need the walls measurements in the kitchen. From wall to wall (or corner to corner)


Windows & Doors

We will need windows and doors  measurements widht that including the trim. Also the measurements of the space on each side of them. (see drawing)


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Water-line location

We will need the current and future  water line - access location.


Gass & Power Location

We will need the current and future  gas line or power line access location.

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Kitchens design and workflow
Todays kitchen cabinetry have become better at adapting to your workflow. Maybe you use your kitchen to prep a meal on the weekend or cook through the week. Maybe you like to cook every once in a while, or cook for you big fammily and friends. Depending on how use your kitchen, your kitchen design must be created so the kitchen able to suit your demands and style while using it.
A general, one size fits all kitchen layout, will not make the cut. That is where the role of kitchen designer specialists comes in. Specialized kitchen designers can work in close cooperation with you and come with a cabinetry design that addresses all your needs. With a customized kitchen layout and design, your home will look and feel better than ever.
There are also many technical reasons to hire professional kitchen designers. They can create for you a detailed artistic 2D or 3D rendering of your kitchen layout, so you'd know what you'll get before physically altering the kitchen. It's a major reason to consider professionals who can bring that level of insight to the kitchen plan, and be able to see in the future your beautifull kitchen design ideas.Here at we make planning a kitchen enjoyable, ecciding and easy for you. Professional kitchen designers make sure it does not consume all your life, and does not cost you tons of money.